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Actual Client Review For Matthew Ruff, Attorney at Law


Billy B.

Bakersfield, CA

Update – 9/2/2013

As an update to the case, the DMV hearing which followed the Court case ended up going in favor of my friend thanks to Matt’s help

  • 8/29/2013I was asked by a friend to recommend a DUI Lawyer in the South Bay .  I was at a loss for finding someone that was a specialty in the area and did not want to send her to someone that I did not know anything about, I did my research and found Matthew and was at ease after reading his articles and blogs as well as his stellar background on the State Bar website.  He was able to get the entire case dismissed.  Highly Recommended!

DUI Client Review From Client On Yelp

Nisha B.

Gardena, CA

Update – 9/18/2013

I just wanted to express my frustration at the fact that I took the time to write a good review for someone who deserved much more than that, and it was filtered by Yelp. I also noticed that of the 10 reviews Matt Ruff received, 9 were filtered and the one that remains is the ONLY negative review. That’s wrong. I’d hate to think that this process that’s meant to keep Yelp reviews authentic and trustworthy could be causing a person  who does a 5 star job to lose business because he appears to have a 1 star rating. I understand the intent behind the filter. However, I don’t think I can trust the Yelp reviews anymore, knowing that my own valid review had been filtered. I’m very disappointed.


I started fighting my DUI with a different attorney who, unfortunately, passed away. Matthew Ruff was kind enough to pick up where that good gentleman left off, despite having an already full caseload. While waiting outside the courtroom to speak with him about my case for the first time, I saw another attorney approach him and ask him for advice; that’s when I knew I had the right man on my side. When my brothers, (who were also my witnesses), saw him for the first time they joked that he had “lawyer swag”. He was very confident and when facing a criminal case you want someone who is confident in their ability. I was ridiculously nervous but he never seemed to be, and that helped put me a little more at ease. When I was at my wits end and just wanted it to be over, I was willing to take the deal that was being offered. He told me he never recommends someone take a deal just because they’re frustrated. And I’m so glad that I didn’t. When I think back to all of the people I watched stand up in front of the judge, their lawyer beside them, plead guilty or no contest I’m thankful for the fact that I had Matt. He could’ve let me take the plea so he didn’t have to deal with a trial. That could have been me, stuck in 9 months of DUI classes, paying tons of money that I don’t have in fines and court fees. Instead, my case didn’t even make it to trial because of a motion Mr. Ruff filed that the judge granted, and my case was dismissed. This whole ordeal was one of the worst experiences of my life – I’d never been to court for even a traffic ticket and had now been arrested and spent Christmas day in jail instead of with my children. The stress of wondering what was going to happen and whether or not I would ever be able to get a teaching job once I finished my program was emotionally exhausting. Matt Ruff has my most sincere gratitude for bringing it to an end and restoring my piece of mind. I truly can’t thank him enough.

DUI Client Review For Matthew Ruff

Gloria E.

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA


My friend used him in a DUI case they had in Torrance, right off the bat he told me who the prosecutor was in that courtroom and explained the process that the case would go.  Other lawyers I spoke with told me things that made me believe they were just trying to get my money, not him.  He never once put any pressure on me or tried to sell me on hiring him, my case seemed difficult but after talking to him he made me feel that there was at least a chance and seemed confident that he would try at least to save my license at the DMV.
After I slept on it for a few days I made the decision to hire him and let him represent me in court, it was the best decision I ever made.  The case took several months but he always kept me informed and updated throughout the process.
My review of him was at my own choosing because I felt others should know about my experience and hope that someone can use my story in choosing a lawyer to go with.

New Site Created For Matthew Ruff Attorney Reviews

Many folks need a place to go and post reviews about Matthew Ruff, an attorney in Torrance California.  This site is a new resource for that.  people can post their experiences with the lawyer in a way that is convenient and does not require furnishing personal information or setting up a “profile”.  The reviews can be posted anonymously or the writer can choose to give their identity, the choice is theirs.