“A lot of Trouble in Torrance”

Joe G.

San Francisco, C


Let me start off by saying that I was in alot of trouble and was facing a whole lot of time in prison.  The police had me charged with attempted murder with gang charges.  My family was stressed out that I was in jail and had to get me out.  They were referred to Matthew by a neighbor who had a son that was charged with a criminal case in Torrance and he helped them out.  They were so grateful to attorney Matthew Ruff for saving their son that they kept joking that if they had another child they would name him Mateo which is Spanish for Matthew.  Anyway, when the attorney first came out to talk to me at the police station he was very confident and knew what he was talking about, even the Sergeant at the station said he knew him and had seen him in Court many times and said he was good.  He told me the most important thing was to keep my words to myself because “the walls have ears” which meant that they record the conversations that you have with other inmates and your own family.  He was right because another guy told me his friend was found guilty after he made some stupid  statements to another convict who got him to confess.  I knew right away he cared and wanted to help me.
The case went on for almost two years, he fought like hell to get charges dropped at the preliminary hearing and he did, he got all the gang charges thrown out which was huge.  I was eventually given bail and everytime we went to court he was the one person in the courtroom that the judge seemed to really listen to.  The DA and the public defenders all were busy wanting to get out of court but Matt took the time to make sure I was always told what was going on and what to expect the next time we went to court again.
Originally I was facing life in prison and  believed I would never see my family again ever as a free man.  Manyy people in jail tell you that you cannot win in the Torrance Court because the jury is against you, they had me convicnced that I was a gonner.  I still have a hard time believing that I am out and can breath the air as a free man, matthew worked out a deal that got all the original charges dropped and changed to a no strike offense. I have Matthew Ruff to thank

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