Satisfied Client In Under 21 DUI Case

With Mr. Ruff’s expertise, our son was found not guilty of his 23140 Infraction

Posted by a DUI client, 18 days ago
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Our 19 year old son was pulled over early in the morning for a tail light that was out, and based on his look and the time of day, he was asked if he had been drinking, was breathalyzed once and blew a .05%, was given a citation for being under the influence of alcohol under the age of 21 (Code Sec. 23140), and told to take a cab home. He was not arrested. We first spoke to a couple of other attorneys recommended by friends, who told us it was almost 100% positive that our son would lose his license for a year and very likely we would also pay the full fine. Mr. Ruff’s reviews impressed us so we called him and he agreed to take our case and thought we had a shot based on the situation. After the court delayed the hearing over the course of a few months, eventually Mr. Ruff was heard and our son was found not guilty of any of the charges, we paid no fines, and his driver’s license was reinstated. It did not require an appearance by us or our son. Several times throughout the course of the proceedings, we received various communications from the court and DMV which were confusing and contradictory; however, once we spoke to Mr. Ruff about each one, we understood where the case stood. We would highly recommend his skills as an attorney.

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