Matthew Ruff Got My Domestic Violence Case Dismissed

After spending 3 days in jail, I found Matthew Ruff. I told him what had happened, and then I hired him immediately. Matt never tried to convince me to accept a plea bargain and stood by me through the trial and tribulations, as he truly believed that I was innocent. On the first day of the trial, Matt convinced the judge to dismiss 273.5 charges even before the trial started. The prosecution had 2 very young and energetic lawyers working day and night and coming up with more and more concocted evidences to prove me guilty. However, Matt was never perturbed.

Throughout the jury trial, Matthew demonstrated his confidence and got the jurors on my side. If I was convicted, it would have resulted in me being deported out of the country as I am working in this country on H1b visa. No words could describe Matt’s skill and the knowledge of the law. Matt proved to the jury that I was innocent and ensured the case got dismissed. I am truly impressed with the work of Matthew Ruff and I would not hesitate to recommend Matt in a heartbeat.

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