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“Thank you From The Bottom Of My Heart”

Actual Client Review For Lawyer Matt Ruff

“My son was arrested and prosecuted for felony battery on his girlfriend and felony assault. We knew he was innocent and being framed, our lawyer Mr. Ruff understood this and fought the case , never once did he pressure my son to take a deal, only with his help did the district attorney finally dismiss the case, I’m happy to give to a top client review. Thank you from the bottom of my heart” -C.H., Torrance CA

Attorney’s Comment: Hearing from clients is very reassuring that my work in Court is helping people get on with their lives and allow the family to sleep at night with the thought that I have done everything that I can to put them back with the ones they love.

“No Other Attorney Can Match the Experience, Professionalism, and Track Record of Mr. Ruff”

Edgar R.
Anaheim, CA

Yelp review posted 8/11/2014
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I work with quite a few DUI clients on a daily basis, so I know that a DUI victim has a lot of questions when it comes to their DUI case. I also have to note that I work along side many Criminal Defense attorneys from all over California, and when it comes to legal representation in the Greater Los Angeles area, not a lot of attorneys can match the experience, professionalism, and track record of Mr. Ruff. The importance of having your attorney a phone call away, is something that many don’t consider before hiring representation.

Questions and answers, you have questions, and your attorney should have the answers. But many find it difficult for their questions to be answered because they can’t get in contact with their attorney most of the time. So avoid yourself a head ache and give Mr. Ruff a call for any questions regarding your legal problems.