All I can say is, AMAZING!! This attorney is one you definitely want in your corner. His expertise in criminal law are superb and I could have not made a better decision in choosing an attorney to represent my DV case. From day one, Matthew put me at ease during a time I felt the world was coming down on me. As a 13 year vet, I had a ton to lose, but Matthew assured me that he would do everything possible to reduce my consequences; AND HE DID! This man was by my side 120% of the time, never missing a court hearing. Through opposing hearings on the people’s side, Matthew fought to protect my freedom. Had I elected another defense attorney, I would of risked my freedom, and probably be behind bars. With my serious, 5 different counts, I was looking at easily 1 year in jail. Matthew got me “0” days in jail, and just some basic anger management classes. Today, 4/20/15, Matthew once again bended himself backwards to fully expunge my record. I could not be any more satisfied with the outcome to my case, and look forward to living my life with this event behind me. Matthew, you my friend, have done an AMAZING job. I could not thank you enough for all that you’ve done, and I assure you that I will recommend your services to anyone I know dealing with any criminal offense; cause I know they’ll be in great hands. Keep fighting for us!

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