“I Endorse Matthew Ruff”

Hiring Matthew Ruff Was the most important decision I have made! Being accused of a crime is very stressful and confusing time for me.

Don’t deal with the court without “Matthew Ruff”
Because it can do more harm by turning the DA and Judge against you!

I was charge with Hit & Run.
Facing huge fines, county jail, possible felony charge,
DMV penalties & Probation for ten years also Higher insurance cost!
Basically Destroying my life.

Also a bogus injury claim against me,
Matthew had examine methodically, showing evidence & argument to DA
Of fraudulent injury claim due to determine substantiate & lack of authenticate document

In-Result: All criminal charges dismissed, That right……. all dismissed
Today “I’m not a number, I’m a freeman!
Thanks to Matthew Ruff!
Any person who stand by me, during one of my darkest time in my life
Is a true patriot & very trustworthy attorney to protect my civil rights

I endorse Matthew Ruff.
he is 1st. rate defense attorney, also exceeded my expectation with great skills
to represent with official capacity and a proven track record
Don’t battle the court on your own.
Get Matthew Ruff

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