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“I Cannot Sing Enough Praise For Matt”

Carl C.
Portland, OR

I just wanted to provide an update to my last review. As of earlier today, my legal issue has been fully resolved and the favorable outcome received was exactly what Matt said it would be. Again, I cannot sing enough praise for Matt, who was a pleasure to work with during this entire process. His professionalism and attention to detail are second to none. Additionally, the very reasonable rate he quoted me when I first contacted him was the exact rate he charged me upon resolution of my issue. No bait-and-switch. No last minute “contingency” that required additional cost. And absolutely no hidden fees. As I mentioned before, I do not live in California so being kept up to date from beginning to end (without needing to travel to California at all) mattered a lot to me. Again, Matt didn’t cease to impress in that regard either. He kept me in the loop and was extremely flexible in his response to a last minute issue with the court date. All in all, if you need legal advice or representation in the L.A. area, attorney Matt Ruff should be your first call. Even if he isn’t, after speaking with him I guarantee he will be your last. Thanks for everything Matt!

Attorney Matthew Ruff Is Licensed By The City of Torrance


Torrance criminal defense attorney Matthew Ruff is licensed by the city of Torrance to practice law. Ask any attorney you are interviewing if they are licensed by the city of Torrance. To confirm that they are indeed licensed visit the city’s website

This is important because it shows that the attorney is a local law firm with a true footprint in the community.