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“One Tough Lawyer on your side”

Posted by roger, a DUI client,

Overall rating
Kept me informed
  • I recommend Matthew Ruff.
  • I hired Matthew 1-3 years ago.
  • Matthew handled my DUI / DWI matter.
  • I have previously worked with 1-2 lawyers.
Ever since the last summer of 2012, when i was arrested for DUI with BAC over 0.12, Matthew has always stood by my side no matter what. I was really nervous and extremely anxious about the outcome, but he always did his best to let me calm and always on time to keep me up to date.  My BAC was so high, a really tough one to battle, but Matthew refused to settle for anything less than “dismiss,” and much to my delight, he finally made it happen. This tough-ass lawyer fought it to the end for me going all those extra miles. I cannot count how many times he had to be at court just to work it all out with the judge, not to mention DMV officials. Yes, it was my first offense, and when I think back the day I was arrested, it still gives me a shiver and again and again I say to myself, “do not ever drink and drive again, not ever again!” I will keep this promise with myself until the day I die, and that is a swear.
Matthew is quite a big guy, and when you first see him, you may get a bit intimidated by his aura (as I did), but when I sat down with him, started explaining my case to him.. I was already feeling like I am not alone not just because he said everything was going to be fine, but more importantly because he was genuinely listening to what I had to say. Yeah, sure I was mumbling throughout the first meeting out of extreme trauma, mental fear and anxiety, and as I was walking out of Matthew’s office, I knew my mind was at ease, and miraculously I was able to go on with my life. And, for that I am sincerely grateful to my Attorney Matthew J Ruff. He successfully persuaded the judge to allow me the second chance and the chance to appreciate what “driving privilege” really means.
If you have been arrested for DUI in California, You need a good DUI Lawyer, not just any good one, but a tough one. Any lawyer can be good in terms of brain, but I am sure, not every lawyer is as tough and caring as my attorney, Matthew J Ruff.
Lawyer’s comment:  Thank you for your kind words Roger.  As you know I have been an attorney for close to 20 years but I never lose sight of the fact that the case files I handle are real people with real families and real consequences if they are convicted of a DUI.  Too many lawyers treat their clients like numbers with no real concern or care about the fallout that ocurrs from a drunk driving conviction.  Thank you again, I will continue to strive for excellence and fight the good fight for people like you.

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