“I Cannot Sing Enough Praise For Matt”

Carl C.
Portland, OR

I just wanted to provide an update to my last review. As of earlier today, my legal issue has been fully resolved and the favorable outcome received was exactly what Matt said it would be. Again, I cannot sing enough praise for Matt, who was a pleasure to work with during this entire process. His professionalism and attention to detail are second to none. Additionally, the very reasonable rate he quoted me when I first contacted him was the exact rate he charged me upon resolution of my issue. No bait-and-switch. No last minute “contingency” that required additional cost. And absolutely no hidden fees. As I mentioned before, I do not live in California so being kept up to date from beginning to end (without needing to travel to California at all) mattered a lot to me. Again, Matt didn’t cease to impress in that regard either. He kept me in the loop and was extremely flexible in his response to a last minute issue with the court date. All in all, if you need legal advice or representation in the L.A. area, attorney Matt Ruff should be your first call. Even if he isn’t, after speaking with him I guarantee he will be your last. Thanks for everything Matt!

Attorney Matthew Ruff Is Licensed By The City of Torrance


Torrance criminal defense attorney Matthew Ruff is licensed by the city of Torrance to practice law. Ask any attorney you are interviewing if they are licensed by the city of Torrance. To confirm that they are indeed licensed visit the city’s website

This is important because it shows that the attorney is a local law firm with a true footprint in the community.

“I Endorse Matthew Ruff”

Hiring Matthew Ruff Was the most important decision I have made! Being accused of a crime is very stressful and confusing time for me.

Don’t deal with the court without “Matthew Ruff”
Because it can do more harm by turning the DA and Judge against you!

I was charge with Hit & Run.
Facing huge fines, county jail, possible felony charge,
DMV penalties & Probation for ten years also Higher insurance cost!
Basically Destroying my life.

Also a bogus injury claim against me,
Matthew had examine methodically, showing evidence & argument to DA
Of fraudulent injury claim due to determine substantiate & lack of authenticate document

In-Result: All criminal charges dismissed, That right……. all dismissed
Today “I’m not a number, I’m a freeman!
Thanks to Matthew Ruff!
Any person who stand by me, during one of my darkest time in my life
Is a true patriot & very trustworthy attorney to protect my civil rights

I endorse Matthew Ruff.
he is 1st. rate defense attorney, also exceeded my expectation with great skills
to represent with official capacity and a proven track record
Don’t battle the court on your own.
Get Matthew Ruff

“I Would Absolutely Recommend Matthew Ruff”

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐

I hired Matthew Ruff for a petty-theft misdemeanor I was charged with in late 2014. I was a nervous wreck as this was the first time I had ever been in trouble with the law. I had spoken to several attorneys who were doubtful that they could get my charges reduced based on the evidence presented against me, but Matthew explained to me that he was going to go to bat for me and do everything in his powers to make sure this stayed off my record- and he did.

He got my charges dismissed in exchange for community service & behavioral management classes- which I was told by my behavioral management counselor was “a blessing” and “not easy to do.” Matthew was always responsive to my calls and emails, and was always able to calm my nerves- something that I could not put a price on when dealing with an awful situation like this. In addition to this, Matthew charged me a very reasonable fee and dealt with all of my court appearances and catered to my busy work schedule. I would absolutely recommend him to anybody out there who is looking for the best resolution for their case.

Matthew Ruff, Attorney at Law Rated 5 Stars On Yelp

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With 20 years experience, Matthew has achieved a litany of awards and accolades, Yelp also has awarded him the coveted 5 stars based on client reviews. The following is an example of the reviews posted on the site:

“Matthew Ruff represented me in criminal case in Long Beach. He did an excellent job and got my case dismissed. I am very happy and grateful for his dedication with my case. I couldn’t have asked for a better result. Very satisfied!”

Matthew Ruff, Attorney at Law focuses on criminal defense and DUI in Torrance, Los Angeles CA


All I can say is, AMAZING!! This attorney is one you definitely want in your corner. His expertise in criminal law are superb and I could have not made a better decision in choosing an attorney to represent my DV case. From day one, Matthew put me at ease during a time I felt the world was coming down on me. As a 13 year vet, I had a ton to lose, but Matthew assured me that he would do everything possible to reduce my consequences; AND HE DID! This man was by my side 120% of the time, never missing a court hearing. Through opposing hearings on the people’s side, Matthew fought to protect my freedom. Had I elected another defense attorney, I would of risked my freedom, and probably be behind bars. With my serious, 5 different counts, I was looking at easily 1 year in jail. Matthew got me “0” days in jail, and just some basic anger management classes. Today, 4/20/15, Matthew once again bended himself backwards to fully expunge my record. I could not be any more satisfied with the outcome to my case, and look forward to living my life with this event behind me. Matthew, you my friend, have done an AMAZING job. I could not thank you enough for all that you’ve done, and I assure you that I will recommend your services to anyone I know dealing with any criminal offense; cause I know they’ll be in great hands. Keep fighting for us!